5 March 2011 post: Ben Vautier, Selected Works & Text



Ben Vautier, Porte- Manteau 1986 Coar rack, two hats, a bag and a tape recorder playing the famous Traviata Height 85 cm. 33.5 in. Width 70 cm. 27.6 in. Unique piece Signed and dated upper left "Ben 86" (image courtesy of: http://www.varenne.ch)





Ben Vautier, Il y a des Jours où... 1984 Acrylic on canvas Height 180 cm. 70.9 in. Width 200 cm. 78.8 in. Unique piece Signed and dated "Ben angoissé 84" (image courtesy of: http://www.varenne.ch)



Ben Vautier, Oh Ben you are stupid you talk too much about art (Addi said that once to me) from the portfolio Hommage à Arthur Köpcke 1928-1977, screenprint, gelatin silver photograph 40.0 x 39.7cm image/sheet ©Ben Vautier, 1979/ADAGP. Licensed by VISCOPY, Sydney.(image courtesy of: collection.artgallery.nsw.gov.au)



Ben Vautier, Boîte de Duchamp 1979 A trunk including 43 objects Height 111 cm. 43.7 in. Width 153 cm. 60.3 in. Depth 36 cm. 14.2 in. Unique piece (image courtesy of: http://www.varenne.ch)




Ben Vautier, A Box with no Ideas 1978 Mixed Media Height 35 cm. 13.8 in. Width 45 cm. 17.7 in. (image courtesy of: http://www.varenne.ch)



Ben Vautier, Unopened tin can (contents unknown) with label designed by George Maciunas. by Ben Vautier, 1967. (image courtesy of: http://www.artnotart.com)





Ben Vautier, A box of matches with label by Ben Vautier, 1966. (image courtesy of: http://www.artnotart.com)




Ben Vautier, Geste: Rentrer dans l'Eau Tout Habillé avec un Parapluie 1964 Oil and mixed media on wood Height 77 cm. 30.3 in. Width 75 cm. 29.6 in. Unique Piece (image courtesy of: http://www.varenne.ch)



Photograph of Ben Vautier wrapped in string from Takehisa Kosgui's Anima 1. He is playing a violin piece by George Maciunas. The photo was taken on May 23, 1964 at 359 Canal Street, New York City during the "Street Events" segment of the Flux Festival at Fluxhall. Photograph by George Maciunas (image courtesy of: http://www.artnotart.com)




Ben Vautier, Geste: Me regarger dans un Miroir 1963 Oil and mixed media on wood Height 75 cm. 29.6 in. Width 75 cm. 29.6 in. Unique piece Signed lower right (image courtesy of: http://www.varenne.ch)



Photographs of Ben Vautier performing a walk into the sea, taken July 26th, 1963 Le Port Nice during Le Festival D'Art Total et du Comportement. Photograph by George Maciunas. (image courtesy of: http://www.artnotart.com)


Ben Vautier, Selected Text:

This was published in the 1997 Fluxus Subjectiv catalogue. The formatting here mimics the original version.

Ben Vautier

Today there is great interest but also great confusion as to the Fluxus movement;

There are those who keep theorizing about Fluxus.
They say that after Dadaism and Duchamp, Fluxus is “the most radical movement”;

those who make a fetish of Fluxus. They collect the trouser buttons by Maciunas, the handkerchief by Beuys or the dirty bath water by Ben;

those who speculate with the Fluxus. “If van Gogh’s ear is worth 100.000 million dollar and the bottle rack by Duchamp is worth 300.000 dollar, how much will the water glass by George Brecht then be worth on the fair in Basel in two year’s time?”

those who say that the Fluxus movement does only consist of spoiled children who make art by stating that they are against art, who expect to win fame by saying “we are against fame”, who want to get back into the Louvre by staying in the bistro vis-á-vis;

those who say, okay, Fluxus is something mad, but still it’s better than those who produce works of art for the consumer society;

those who say that Fluxus is rather a story of attitude towards life and art than towards products;

those who say Fluxus is individuals and not works of art;

those who say that Fluxus contradicts itself, that it consists of failures who happen to be succesful just now, anti-art stars;

As far as I am concerned, I think that
Fluxus is not a production of objects, of handicraft articles to be used as a decoration in the waiting rooms of dentists and professionals,
Fluxus is not professionalism
Fluxus is not the production of works of art,
Fluxus is not naked women,
Fluxus is not pop art,
Fluxus is not an intellectual avant-garde or light entertainment theatre,
Fluxus is not German expressionism,
Fluxus is not visual poetry for secretaries who are getting bored.


Fluxus is the “event” according to George Brecht:
putting the flower vase on the piano.
Fluxus is the action of life/music: sending for a tango
expert in order to be able to dance on stage.
Fluxus is the creation of a relationship between life and art,
Fluxus is gag, pleasure and shock,
Fluxus is an attitude towards art, towards the non-art of anti-art, towards the negation of one’s ego,
Fluxus is the major part of the education as to John Cage, Dadaism and Zen,
Fluxus is light and has a sense of humor.



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