Hello Verrld!

Nathan Coley, There Will Be No Miracles Here, 2006 (photo courtesy of http://www.daylife.com)

Hello world! Today, 20-10-2010 marks the first day of my art + humor blog titled fARTiculate. The vision is to create a visual/textual collage where the material to be used are images and text that are found on the Internet. As a framework, there will be an assigned blog topic per day. Monday’s for sculpture, Tuesday’s for paintings and other wall-bound works, Wednesday’s for Death Of Birth (For Every Death Of An Artist, Another Is Born) which will feature one artist born and another who died on a same date, Thursday’s for installation art, Friday’s for a featured art exhibition, Saturday’s for any artistic discipline, and Sunday’s for a summary of my artworks created during the week.

Since fARTiculate is a blog that will feature art and its accompanying humor, it is my expectation and goal that it will be a light and relaxing read for visitors. Nothing hyfaluting, technical, or overloaded with jargon, the text will focus on interviews with the artists concerned, while the other half of this blog will be pure visual communication.

Copyright-wise, this project is an educational, non-commercial and/or non-profit art blog. Created in cyberspace, this blog and its contents are products of my own Internet-based research and as such, content, other than my own original works, will be properly acknowledged and cited as reference.

If you like and enjoyed this blog, I hope you can support this project by visiting this site as part of your daily routine, and if possible link https://farticulate.wordpress.com on your own websites and blog sites. Till then, I wish you all cybercitizens and art + humor addicts a fun and fARTiculate day!

Yours Truly,

Alex Moscoso Española
Davao City, Philippines

About fARTiculate

Transmissions from an island somewhere in the Philippines. Integrating daily art practice & other initiatives from the physical world down to virtual space. To see my daily artworks, you can visit my site at: http://dailypractice.tumblr.com http://brownskinartist.multiply.com
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