Death Of Birth: 20-10-2010

Ok! Just finished working on a simple framework for this art blog and since it’s a Wednesday today, the post is gonna be Death Of Birth.

Originally part of my series of portraits done in January 2010, titled Death of Birth (For Every Death Of An Artist, Another Is Born), the paintings are products of my research on art history. Using Wikipedia as my source, I search a particular date and then choose the artists who were born and/or died on that day as the subjects for the portrait. Still seeing its usefulness, I’m integrating it on this new art blog.

Since fARTiculate is still on its baby steps, hopefully by next week, we would expect to have less text on the daily posts. I hope you’d enjoy the works!

Alex Moscoso Española, Eva Svankmajerova, 2010, acrylic on paper, 8.5x11in.

Death Anniversary For The Day: Eva Švankmajerová (September 25, 1940 – October 20, 2005), A Czech Surrealist artist.

Alex Moscoso Española, Nicolas de Largilliere, 2010, acrylic on paper, 8.5x11in.

Birthday For The Day: Nicolas de Largillière (October 20, 1656 – March 20, 1746), French Painter who worked mostly on portraits.

About fARTiculate

Transmissions from an island somewhere in the Philippines. Integrating daily art practice & other initiatives from the physical world down to virtual space.
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